Coming soon to EVERY
Neighborhood in Sarasota

Little-noted comprehensive plan amendment promotes lot-line to lot-line re-development for multi-story “Urban Mixed Use” along every major road (41, 301, Fruitville, Lido) in the city.

Impacts entire city

+ 825
Acres upzoned
New units
Affordable units
$ 3 B
Developer gift

The housing need

What's the problem?

Sarasota wants to spur development of housing working families can afford.  But the mechanisms included in the proposed comprehensive plan changes won’t do that.

Results of "administrative approval"

Sarasota has an affordable housing problem which has been building for decades. The pandemic-era explosion in growth has exacerbated the issue. We need more housing  people who live and work here can afford.

Over 13,000 city households are burdened by housing costs over 30% of their monthly income.

The recent building boom has add thousands of high-end units, but none of the housing working families need. It will take time to build new housing, but the recent introduction of the “Nashville Plan” (rental assistance) is providing some short-term relief.

Proposed new mixed use plan

Lot coverage

Mixed use = more lot coverage.   Most parcels currently have .5 lot coverage.  

Proposed rezone to 2.0 lot coverage = 4x buildable mass


Staggered building heights with lower structures abuting neighborhoods

Urban Mixed Use - Design Patterns

Along major roads

25 units / acre

9 shopping centers

50 units / acre

Areas targeted for urban mixed use

Medium Density - 25 units an acre

Transportation corridors

High Density - 50 units an acre

Repurposing malls

A low impact way to add housing is to adapt or redevelop existing strip malls

Subject Parcels

Neighboring properties

If you live in one of the teal zones, you are impacted

Most of Sarasota’s neighborhoods abut one or more of the major arteries that would be wholesale subject to this rezone – regardless of how shallow the lot.

Properties which could get a future land use map ("FLUM") designation as "Urban Mixed-Use"

Are you an "Affected Person"?

If you own one of the parcels on the below maps, or live within 500 feet of a parcel which could be rezoned to allow high density multi-story mixed use (e.g. retail or parking on first level, and multiple stories of residential or office above) then you are an “affected person”.

This means you should be given the opportunity to learn more about how these changes will impact your home or business before they are cemented prior to the election.

Every city commission candidate has spoken against these plans, because they do not address the affordable housing problem we have, but could destroy what is left of Sarasota’s charm and unique neighborhoods.

How can I help?

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